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Kaveh (24) is a Iranian man living in Oslo, Norway.


Both he’s parents emigrated during the revolution and made birth to Nima his big brother, loyal friend and manager and Kaveh is the little brother in the cloth. He’s considered the youngest veteran in the Scandinavian music. He was the first MC to implement drill and trap music in his music and actually make It mainstream in Norway and after 4 tours, major collaborations with the OG’s and 50 million streams on Norwegian he grew tiered of the Scandinavian music scene based on the corruption and limitation and fascist attitude they have towards immigrant artist.

In 2016 he decided to switch to his passion language English and travel actively to the LA & NYC to gather inspiration and network. He’s goal is to break the barriers and build a solid bridge for all the hip hop purist and immigrants. Norway is the richest country in the world yet a land with the most suicide rate, poverty, depression and human suffering. How’s that’s even possible is a important ethical question. Being from the hood, Kaveh feel obligated to pave the way for his brothers and sisters like OVO and XO did for Toronto. Kaveh is also a practicing Muslim man and that visits the mosque 3-5 times a week. Faith is his strongest driving force. He want to help all god believers and know about the struggle as a Muslim-sinner in this day and age.